Nathalie Van Eygen is a Belgian photographer, born in Ypres and living in Brussels. 
Graduated from the Academy of Anderlecht, she launches her career as a street & documentary photographer.  
“Revealing the sensitivity of human beings and things is central in my work.” 
In 2012, she publishes “Ceci n’est pas België”. A documentary photobook with reflections on the odd ‘living together’ of the Flemish and the French-speaking community in Belgium, as well as on language and its related identity feeling. During the tense election period, she wonders through the streets of Brussels to subtlety capture historical events as well as everyday life. Her book is a plea against prejudice and compartmentalized thinking. Foreword by Geert van Istendael. 
As a Brussels street photographer, Nathalie soon gets intrigued by the beauty and the strength of steel and concrete, moved by the history of buildings on the eve of being demolished and excited by the promises of fresh cement and paint. That is how she became a professional architecture & urban photographer. 
Equipped with high resolution cameras, lenses especially designed for architectural imaging & her great sensitivity, she will be thrilled to shoot the best interpretation of your project. 

Nathalie Van Eygen — Photographer — +32 (0)477 300